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Independent music producer Rico Casazza’s musical inspiration varies between genres, but what I can say is that each release can be defined as bold and impactful. The DJ has performed around the UK, Europe, and Latin America dabbling with Techno,

FINALVERSION3 returns to Newrythmic Recs with “La Estructura del Silencio”, an EP shaped during one of the most difficult social settings our society has ever lived in. We are pleased to present the premiere of the closing cut, ‘Boca Que

Shay De Castro makes her label debut on Spartaque’s CODEX Recordings, with her the release of her ‘Assembly’ EP. The talented techno upstart has seen exponential success as of late, receiving support from the upper echelon of touring DJs including

Critically acclaimed producer and DJ Party Favor reveal new five-track EP ‘FRESH LAUNDRY’, out 1st May via his own imprint Area 25. The ‘FRESH LAUNDRY’ EP serves as a follow up to his 2019 debut album Layers.  The EP opens with

Convention-blurring techno producer/musician Kelly Lee Owens releases a new song, ‘Night’. The track appears on her new album, Inner Song, which has been moved to August 28th on Smalltown Supersound. Following techno banger ‘Melt!’, ‘Night’ opens with a monopoly synth

Low Tech Funk, the latest collaboration release from the Visillusion duo, Thomas Barnett and Ecilo, fits the bill as an absolute must see-and-hear for all Techno fans desiring to experience what can happen when the storied past of this genre

DJ and producer, Prism melds elements of electronica while focusing on bass-driven productions layered with dark synth-driven melody. Prism is influenced by early rave mixtapes, fragmented nights, departed venues and techno pioneers. He drops his debut release on Future Regression

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