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Antonella Pacifico a.k.a. Rome in Reverse is an avant-garde dance music producer. She was born and raised in Italy but relocated to Copenhagen. She is a self-taught musician, beginning her journey in Italy and continuing it over Copenhagen. Rome In

"Drosophila" is a genus of flies, useful in genetic experiments for their ability to rapidly proliferate. The Drosophila music project aspires to be a similarly productive conduit of experimentation, mutating workflows and musical idioms. Who were your first musical influences that

Music producer Peadar grew up with music and his parents were his inspiration. He now tries to take you on a journey through time and space with his music.  He creates hypnotic rhythms, mesmerizing soundscapes and melodic-glitched synths with an eternal

DJ and music producers Martin Vice and Michael Banel both had decided to fuse their creative minds to form an exciting new duo. They aim to deliver a slick, intelligent new sound within their respective genres. The project effortlessly explores

Taking a step away from what’s normally expected from techno, KOMFORTRAUSCHEN are a live act embracing traditional instruments. Filtering them through an array of effects, the resulting sound embodies the industrial accuracy of techno meeting the energy of a live

Gustavo or better known as MID LØW is an electronic music producer focused on underground genres. After a long stay in Zürich, Switzerland, MID LØW gets inspired by the huge Techno culture. Upon returning to Mexico, MID LØW started producing

Slovenian techno powerhouse Mind Machines has been steadily forging his robust techno sound for years now. With releases through techno-connoisseurs such as Heaven to Hell Records, Parabola Records, Asteroid and Green Fetish Records, to name a few, Mind Machines is

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