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Attention early 2000’s techno music fans, music producer Pablo Bolivar has shared his latest single ‘Dusk Light’ - a rare treat for lovers of this transcending sound. The producer has dabbled with techno textures before, but this release takes a

Photography Credit: Alex Rawson @ Bolt House Film & Photo ‘Noir’ is the latest single by UK producer, DJ and multi-instrumentalist Joe Turner. The track features vocalist Tom Dunne and is out now via LG105. In hot pursuit of his acclaimed Too

  Image Credit: Guilhem Canal It is that peaceful window of time just after sunrise, and there is not a cloud in the sky to put a damper on the day. You are able to focus on the natural harmony of sounds

Do you remember how you felt when you were first exposed to electronic music? New Australian label Denude is set to strip away, refine and take you back to the very core - paying homage to the key fundamentals of what

Anonymous DJ and producer CloudNone completes his riveting debut EP on OH2 Records with ‘Dopamine’. After releasing ‘Dream Running’ featuring trailblazing Ohio-based talent, Direct last week, ‘Dopamine’ rounds out the 2-track feature in style. Featuring dreamy, retro-infused vocals, the warped intro

Image credit: Gianfranco Bichine Breathing new energy into their sound, band KARMACODA have shared the trip-hop-infused, acapella single ‘Traps’. This single will feature on their upcoming album release Slow Down, Melt and Catch Fire via Sola Musa Music. ‘Traps’ follows a

It’s all about variety for the third instalment of DJ Godfather’s EP series, which accompanies his ‘Electro Beats For Freaks’ album, as we delve deeper into its tracks.  First up is a full-length version of the stomping House number, ‘Up

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